Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lord, I Lift My Friend To You...

My heart is so broken as I sit here and try to type this message with tears just streaming down my face. Kate, otherwise known on here as "Chemo Kate" has had a relapse and her cancer is back and terminal. She is a wonderful girl who I met at my third treatment and her second one. We saw each other every week from April through August and then continued our friendship even when chemo was done. She was the one person I looked forward to seeing the most at my appointments because we were the same age and could sit and talk forever.

The cancer is now called a breast cancer with metastasis to the leptomeningeal ?. Basically there were cancer cells that made their way into the inner lining of the spinal cord and brain therefore able to avoid the chemo because it doesn't cross the blood brain barrier. From what I gather, it's pretty advanced already and our doctor has given her a few months. At the present, she is in the hospital right now for some mild seizures, disorientation, unable to hear or speak clearly, etc...

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for my friend! I am desperate to see her, hold her hand, pray with her, and let her know how much I value our friendship. I NEED to see her again SOON! I am also trying to respect her family wishes though and wait until the time is right for Kate and them. I do know that Kate did brighten up today when her sister told her that I had been in contact and wanted to see her, so now I just wait until either Thursday when I am scheduled to go down to see her, or hopefully I can get there earlier.

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