Saturday, December 12, 2009

Left You Hanging

So sorry about that. I really don't have that much to update on regarding my thyroid. I did meet with my endocrinologist at Vanderbilt last week. Dr Jagasia is her name and may I just say that I LOVE her! She is awesome and amazing and again, I feel like God placed me with the perfect doctor. Anyways, the mass definitely has to be biopsied because the size of it is double the cutoff for biospy. She confirmed that only about 15% of these are cancerous and that even if mine is, that it is 99% curable with surgery and radioactive iodine pills. She did try to get me in for a biopsy that day, but had no luck. So...I head back to Vandy on Wednesday for the test. She said the results usually take 4 days to get back so I should know a few days before Christmas. Promise to update the results as soon as I know them.

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