Saturday, December 26, 2009

A Baby Changes Everything...

Last Sunday at church, this was the name of my very favorite song that was sang. Of course the baby they are referring to is Jesus and this got me to reflecting on how much THIS baby in particular REALLY DID CHANGE EVERYTHING. He changed our pasts before we ever had a past, He changes our present daily lives, and praise Him that He has changed our futures!!!
This time of the year especially just gets me almost giddy that we celebrate our Saviour's birth. Those who know me, know that I LOVE birthdays! Seriously...I love them. I go out of my way and bend over backwards to make sure David and the children have amazing birthdays. I get so much joy out of the planning, and surprising that goes into it that others' birthdays are more fun for me than my own.
So, yesterday on Christmas, I was a little taken aback as I was cooking dinner and getting ready for the birthday cake celebration we would have afterwards. My thoughts started drifting back to you-know-where...that dirty little 6 letter word C-A-N-C-E-R. I started thinking back to the pictures we took last year and how everything was so perfect. Brody was finally better from his surgery and milk allergies, Chloe had just finally started talking, it was getting closer to my brother coming back from Iraq, and truly all was wonderful. I see myself in those pictures with a head full of hair, a thinner smiling face, and excitement to see what my next year would bring. I just all of a sudden became sad that life went from perfect to miserable in the drop of a hat. Maybe it's because my diagnosis was made shortly after the holidays and that's why it affected me so weird yesterday. I don't know.
Then I started thinking and wondering if this would be my last Christmas with my family (as I'm sure most cancer patients initially do with each big holiday). And then something strange happened. And I know you guys will totally think this is weird but I think it was God. All of a sudden my thoughts changed to "wow...what a rockin' birthday party that they are having in Heaven right now. I bet Debbie (my friend who lost her life to cancer a month ago), my 2 grandfathers, and other friends are seriously at the best birthday party ever! How awesome is that?!? Can you imagine being there and being a part of those festivities? I so hope that Jesus will just let me be in charge of His balloons! OK - so now I'm getting a little too excited, but I'm just sayin'...
Just think friends, it is so true when Paul says "For me to live is Christ, but to die is gain."
As we begin to start thinking of ushering in another new year, my prayer for you all is that you will allow Christ to be your everything. That you will be as sold out for Him as He was for us when he chose to leave heaven, be born to imperfect people, and then chose to die on the cross for imperfect me, you, and everyone else.

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