Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Nothing Else Matters

We are doing a new study in my church small group called "Crazy Love." It's written by Francis Chan, the pastor at Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley, CA. I've read this book before (twice actually), but learn something new each time I read it or am pleasantly reminded of things I had forgotten. Tonight's chapter was about how short our life really is. Yes, we all think that our lives are going to go on forever...or at least 75 years, but the truth of the matter is that I could die before I even finish posting this. Or you could die before you finish reading this. So, let me share some things that have impacted me on this go round...

1. On the average day, we are so caught up in OURSELVES, that we don't consider God very much and forget that life truly is a vapor (James 4: 13-14)
2. Intellectually we all know that we will die but we do not really know it in the sense that it becomes a part of us. We do not really know it in the sense of living as though it were true.
3. When I am consumed by my problems I actually convey the belief that I think the circumstances are
more important than God's command to always rejoice.
4. In the context of God's strength, our problems really are small!
5. Maybe God has allowed hard things in your life so you can show the world that your God is great and that knowing Him brings peace and joy even when life is hard.
6. You never know when God is going to take your life. At that moment there's nothing you can do about it. Are you ready?
7. One second he (Stan Gerlach) was confessing Jesus; a second later, Jesus was confessing him! - this was a story about a man who was giving a eulogy at another man's funeral and the last words he said were the ones I typed in number 6. After he sat back down, he fell over and died. Can you imagine how exciting it would be to be in this position?!? One minute you are telling people who Jesus is and the next minute you are standing before God hearing Jesus say "This is who Kelly (insert your own name) is!"
8. When we face the holy God, "nice" isn't what we will be concerned wtih and it definitely isn't what He will be thinking about. Any compliments you received on earth will be gone and all tha twill be left for you is truth. (Rev. 3:1). All that matters is the reality of who we are before God.

So, I wanted to share all of this with everyone of you because we are not promised one more breath much less another 50 years. We need to get it right my friends and realize that NOTHING ELSE MATTERS EXCEPT JESUS! Not the worries and stress that consume so much of us, not the super fun times that we are blessed with, not the regular ol' run of the mill days...NOTHING...but Jesus!

Love you all. And now as always, I have a few prayer requests to mention...
1. Shawwna - was re-scanned today to see if her chemo is working and if she is in remission now. Haven't heard results yet.
2. Lisa - a lady who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and just started treatment today.
3. Me - lots of tests at Vandy tomorrow (Thursday) including an MRI to evaluate the reason for the tingling in my back
4. Heidi and Joe - a couple whom I have become friends with through blogger world. Heidi's breast cancer came back a few months ago and the chemo this time is really taking a toll on her.'s always hard on the support person so please lift her hubby Joe up in your prayers too.


  1. Wow, God is always on time when I am looking for words to say. Have a friend from HI-her dad is terminally ill and not sure if he is a Christian. Anyways was going to email her with some thoughts. What a great reminder. Will pray for your friends.

  2. First, THANKS for the prayer request for us, Kelly!

    Second, WOW! Heidi and I were just talking about how Western Culture trains us to feel immortal, not worrying about anything but 'success'. I love the lyrics from the song 'The Heart Of Worship':

    "When the music fades, and all is stripped away..and I simply come, longing just to bring something that's of worth that will bless Your Heart.."

    Love, blessings & prayers from us both, Joe