Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Heart Is Burdened...

Tonight was a wonderful night. It was the first meeting of the support group I started with my friend Lynne. All I can say about it is WOW!!! SEE Pink is off the ground and running. We had 2 ladies come tonight who are currently being treated for breast cancer and one of them brought her 14 year old daughter with her. We also had 2 girls who came to support the group and signed up to be a "bosom buddy." This term is what we are calling people who want to help out in some way but do not have breast cancer. We are pairing them with people in the group who are undergoing treatment to be their main go-to person if they need anything. The bosom buddies will do meals occasionally, help make arrangements for childcare, go grocery shopping, get together to hang out with/laugh with/cry with/ pray with their buddy.

Now, on to why my heart is heavy tonight and I am wondering if I really am going to be good at my new "job." AG (her initials) is one of the ladies who came to the meeting tonight. She has had her surgery but may need more and she meets with her oncologist at Vanderbilt tomorrow. She has NO SUPPORT AT ALL. She is not married, her children are grown and not there for her at all (they didn't even help after her surgery), she lives with her brother who does not help her in the least, and to top it off the one friend that she does have who was going to go with her to her to Vandy tomorrow is not taking her phone calls so she now has to go alone. I sooooooo remember the first time I met my oncologist. Even though I was a nurse and knew all of the medical terminology I was still hugely overwhelmed. I just felt like I couldn't breathe when I was leaving the office. Luckily though, I had David there with me to hold my hand, reassure me, and ask the questions that I couldn't ask. So...I pulled Lynne aside and told her that we needed to go with AG tomorrow. She DOES NOT need to go alone. So tomorrow at 12:30 we are meeting her and going with her to her appointment. We have a binder full of questions for the doctor that we give to each of our members and we've figured it out that while AG is asking the questions, Lynne is going to be taking notes and I am going to be listening intently since I have the medical background and can translate it all to AG if she gets home and has questions about the terms used or anything else. I feel great about this decision to go with her tomorrow because I know that she needs this. So I'm left wondering why I am sitting here writing this with this heavy burden on my heart. She has not left my mind since I left the meeting. I cannot shake this feeling. I guess my prayer for God to break my heart for what breaks His has been answered. I just hope now that I don't get so emotionally involved that I allow it to constantly be at the forefront of my thoughts. Or maybe that is the way it's supposed to be because when something affects my heart like this I pray constantly and I know that ultimately prayer is what these ladies need.
So, that's how the first SEE Pink meeting was in short. I'm exhausted now so I am off to bed. Oh, and please ignore any super long run on sentances I may have used. I'm too tired to even proofread this.

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  1. kelly, you are a wonderful woman! this post made me cry! i'm so glad AG has your support. see pink is a wonderful idea! have a great weekend!