Sunday, September 27, 2009

Focus Off of Me and On HIM!

Yesterday was Operation Serve. This is one day of the year that people from our church volunteer their time and go out to serve our city. We have different projects to choose from so that you can do something that you really do enjoy. Some of the projects this year were: Extreme Home Makeover...Neighborhood Edition (rebuilding and fixing up people's homes for them), a huge yard sale with all proceeds benefitting the Hope Pregnancy Center, Block Party for teens in the New Providence area of Clarksville, Fixing up and stocking Loaves and Fishes with food, fixing up some teacher's lounges at various schools, landscaping group homes, ministering to the elderly at several assisted living facilities, and there were about 20 other projects but I can't remember what they were.

So this year we had 1100 volunteers and we went out to the streets of Clarksville and tried to shine the light of Jesus as we worked. Chloe and I did the "Jump for Jesus" project while David served by making and delivering lunches to all of the volunteers. Jump for Jesus was where we went to Fieldstone Assisted Living and sang for the residents and then did a craft with them. Chloe was wonderful. She showed her big heart yesterday! She just hugged on and loved on the residents there. She was high-fiving them, laughing, all out giggling, singing, playing, etc... She was especially taken with Mr. George and Ms Isabell. At one point Mr. George went downstairs and she noticed he was down there when she looked over the loft. She asked if she could go downstairs and hug Mr. George so I let her do that. She was really concerned about him and why he wasn't upstairs anymore.

It was a fantastic day! And while it is supposed to benefit those who are being served, it never fails to benefit the one serving. I always feel more blessed after having served. Here are a few pictures of Chloe and I enjoying our time at Fieldstone.

Chloe doing a craft with Mr Keith

Love this picture. We've been talking about what it means to serve so today she got to actually put it to practice

Me and my girl at the "pep rally" worship service before everyone went off to their projects

Chloe with Mr George

Chloe with Ms Isabell

Chloe going around giving high-fives to all the men. She did this at least 5 times and they laughed everytime.


  1. it's so true...serving makes you forget all your own worries for awhile! great job grace!

  2. Wonderful! And I am so glad you felt up to it, side-effect-wise. You and David are a real inspiration to us both..
    Blessings, Joe