Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vacation at Vanderbilt

Well it was hardly a vacation but I can't for the life of me figure out WHY this had to happen so I'm chalking it up to God wanting me to be still and rest hence the title "vacation."
On Friday morning I woke up just feeling really lousy which isn't normal for me on Fridays. Generally I am a ball of energy from the steroids but that day was total opposite. I took some medicine, took the kids to school, and came back home to lay down. By 4:00 that afternoon I was in some serious pain in my stomach and needed to talk to my oncology nurse anyways so I called her about my chemo schedule and just mentioned that my stomach was hurting really bad. After consulting with my oncologist it was decided that I needed to get to the ER right then as it could be gallstones, appendix, or obstruction. So, I secured babysitting. David called his mom to come up ASAP to relieve the babysitter and stay the weekend, and we set off to Nashville. To make a long story short, after lots of bloodwork, a CT scan, 30 hours in the ER, and 10 hours in an actual patient room I was discharged with a diagnosis of NOTHING!!! Yep that's right. There was no found cause for the belly pain but they kept me that long to make sure I didn't have a bowel perforation which can be caused by the chemo I take. I am 100% sure I did pass a kidney stone in the ER though so that could have been some of the pain.
Now, on to the really funny part (and for some this may be TMI but it's my blog so I'm telling it). While in the ER, they gave me tons and tons of laxatives to make me go to the bathroom to be sure I wasn't obstructed. Well the only ER bathroom was NOT private, had no lock on it, and someone had already walked in on me peeing once. I was not about to even THINK about going to do the real business in that type of bathroom. Heck I won't even do that in a stall in a McDonalds. I need the privacy of my own home for that. Anyways, I explained this to the doctor and nurse and told them that I needed to be discharged if that's what they wanted to happen. Shortly after that, the nurse told me that the doctor was admitting me (I was originally observation status) and I had a room. Here's the kicker though. When we get to the unit, which I assumed would be the oncology unit, it was the GERIATRIC floor and I had a ROOMMATE!!! Yes, I was sharing a room with a 90 year old lady. But the nurse assured me that she wouldn't be using the bathroom because she had a broken hip and couldn't move. Well that's great. At this point I just had to laugh to myself and deal with it. At least she couldn't walk in on me I guess. So, the rest of the night was spent sleeping and all was well...until 7 AM when her phone started ringing off the hook. And at 8 AM when her family members started coming in to visit. Poor lady couldn't eat because she was going to surgery and here comes her niece with a big bag of McDonalds eating it right in front of her. Then her nephew comes in and told 3different stories about his previous hospital stays all of which included a story of his roommate dying. I wanted to yell at him "DUDE, I AM OVER HERE!!! SHUT IT! AND FOR THAT MATTER, WHY ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT PATIENTS DYING WHEN YOUR AUNT IS 90 AND UNDERGOING SURGERY SOON AND HER ROOMMATE HAS CANCER?!?!?" Some people just don't think...
Shortly after that, my doctor came around and gave me the all clear to go home. Thus ending my vacation at Vanderbilt. What a trip it was...hopefully one to NOT be repeated ever again.


  1. oh, wow...quite a vacation, lol! glad you are okay! :)

  2. What an ordeal! I hope the stomach pain is gone today?

  3. Whoa Kelly, thanks for sharing the details of your visit to vanderbilt. I hope you are feeling fine now. And hoping it was a kidney stone (now that you passed it) am sure you are making sure you are hydrating - especially as a runner.

    Your quote about no circumstance comes to you w/o coming thru christ reminds me of a palestinian Christian who said a very similar thing. She said, when she is at a checkpoint with guns and angry people and gets scared, she reminds herself that Jesus is just a few steps ahead of her specifically to be sure there is nothing ahead that she cannot handle. He has cleared the way of all things that are too much for her. Isn't that cool. It has meant a lot to me.