Friday, August 21, 2009

The Big Reveal

So I have been completely busy and overwhelmed lately. The last chemo that I took on Monday kicked my booty big time! It hit me harder than any other chemo has as far as fatigue, malaise, and belly pain. HOWEVER...I am done with chemo and the Lord has restored my health from this past week and from the cancer so I'm not complaining at all.
On another note though, I'm ready to let you all in on what God has called me to do through this breast cancer. I, along with my good friend and fellow breast cancer survivor Lynne, have started a "Care Group" for ladies with breast cancer or those who are survivors. We are calling ourselves "SEE Pink." The SEE stands for Serve, Empower, and Educate. We are hoping to make connections with other women in our church to start with, but eventually want to reach the whole community of Clarksville. This is a burden (a good one) that God has placed on my heart and I am honored to be able to do it. My role in this group is to SERVE. I will be in charge of making sure that current cancer patients receive meals on chemo days, transportation to chemo if they need it, cards, care packages, phone calls of encouragement, prayer, hospital visits, grocery shopping, childcare etc... My heart is just set on making sure that these ladies want for NOTHING. Lynne is going to be more in the education role. She has a heart for educating women on early detection, testing, advocating for yourself, etc... She is an excellent, charismatic speaker who will be amazing at this role.
We are kicking off our new Care Group on October 18th and are praying that the Lord will bring people to us. We are advertising in many ways and are planning the day out already. After that initial meeting, we are hoping to get our group members together twice a month. On one of those nights, we will have a guest speaker come and talk about nutrition, exercise, makeup, etc...and then we'll just chat. The other meeting of the month will be a total girls' night out. We'll watch a movie, chat, do pedicures, cook, eat, etc...
We have started a blog and have 3 posts so far. Check it out. The first is just a welcome that goes into detail about us and the next 2 are stories about the Be Strong ring.
We also have an email address that is so if you want to contact us, you can do so at that address.
Please pray God's blessings upon this venture. I know that we have been called by Him for this and that He will take care of the details.