Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I know, quite a boring title, but truly there was nothing more fun that I could think to title this so...
Tomorrow is chemo round number 14 which means only 2 more to go after tomorrow!!! Yes, that's right, only TWO! I cannot believe that I have made it through nearly 16 rounds and have only had 2 that kicked my butt. I knew that I would do well because I believe in positive thinking, but I NEVER imagined just how well things would go. I guess that is the power of the Lord. So, August 13th is my last chemo and we again are taking friends down to Nashville to celebrate and have another party. After that, we have a full schedule that I am totally excited about. Here's what's going on...
August 13th - last chemo and my brother Jordan and his wife Kim are coming to visit for a long weekend. So excited as I haven't seen him in almost 2 years because of deployment with the Army.
August 15th - we are having Brody's first birthday party. It's going to be just a small celebration, but a celebration nonetheless.
August 18th - Brody's actual birthday
August 21st - our FIVE year anniversary. In the past 5 years, we got married, moved from Ohio to TN, had 2 children, and have battled cancer. We pray that our next 5 years are a bit more calm!!!
August 23-28 - David and I are off to COZUMEL for a much needed adult only vacation to celebrate our marriage and being done with chemo
And then in September I will start radiation and will finish at the end of October. In the meantime, I have begun training for my first 1/2 marathon and it's going GREAT! I have logged 8 miles this week so far and hope to get in 2-3 more. I can't believe I have been able to do as much as I have while taking chemo. I'm hoping that once I finish the chemo and my body has time to recooperate that my endurance and strength will increase a lot, but until then I am taking it easy and just doing what my body feels like doing.
I have also changed my diet quite a bit. I'm eating fish most everyday for lunch or dinner now and have all but cut out red meat and pork. I'm making sure my plate is 3/4 veggies or salad and only 1/4 is protein and fruit. I've cut out processed meats and cheeses and have way cut back on refined sugars. In just the 1 week of doing this to my best ability, I have started feeling even better than before. It's amazingly true that you are what you eat.

Now, to finally wrap up this amazingly long post I want to update on my friends really fast.
Kate - my chemo buddy - is first. She is doing well. Her tumor has shrunk from 9cm to 3cm (PRAISE THE LORD!!!) and it still may shrink more as she has 4 more treatments to go. She will be having her surgery in September and then will follow with radiation. Please continue to pray that her tumor will continue to shrink and that her surgery and healing will go perfectly.
Shawnna - She is the girl I mentioned a few posts ago whose cancer returned. She is also doing remarkably well by the grace of God! The news is that her cancer has returned to the liver and bone marrow and that it IS a recurrence of breast cancer (I thought it was a leukemia at first). Her doctor is VERY positive and optimistic and Shawnna is as well. Please just remember her and her family in your prayers too.


  1. so happy for you! you are one amazing woman! it's so true about the food! i miss my cleansing already! since becoming preggo, it had to go out the window and i definitely feel the diff...not that having a life growing inside me doesn't have something to do w/it but blah, all the yucky food, just makes ya feel yucky! way to go, changing your habits, you're gonna be feeling SO good!

  2. Congrats on getting through so many chemo doses while staying active! We also mainly eat fish and chicken now..rarely red meat. That's wonderful about Kate and Shawnna!