Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Better Day...

Today was a bit rosier even though it started off by being awake and up with Chloe since 2 AM. I was a little concerned how my attitude would be due to serious lack of sleep in an already way too tired and drained body, but truly, the Lord provided the strength for me today and I was able to really enjoy my alone time with Chloe even if it was in the middle of the night.

Then, I went to my weekly chemo today at Vanderbilt. It went GREAT!!! This is the first week in 3 weeks that I have not had an allergic reaction to the chemo. WOO-HOO! The past 2 weeks were pretty nerve-wrecking. Towards the end of the infusion, it became hard for me to breathe and painful to take deep breaths. I ended up both times getting extra steroids and pain meds until the reaction went away. It was scary to say the least. So of course I went into today's treatment being a little nervous, but everything was just fine. I was also able to see my friend Kate again today and we chatted for a while. She was in good spirits today too but said she had been a little teary this week so please lift her up in your prayers that God would comfort her with his perfect peace.

Next week's chemo will be's my birthday so I've got a great friend (and fellow breast cancer survivor) and David going down with me. She is baking a cake for us and the nurses to have and I plan on just having a fun fun fun day. Birthdays are looked upon differently now. I could be bummed that I have to spend my day in chemo, but instead I am choosing to PRAISE THE LORD that I have made it to another year! Thank you Jesus!!!

So all in all, even though my day has been terribly long (and I'm about to hit the sack) I am blessed at how perfectly everything has gone. Tomorrow is my rest and recover day so the kidlets will be going to daycare for the day and the only thing on my agenda is physical therapy. Then, I plan on being in my bed or on the couch all day to rest this body of mine (Lord's orders...must obey!)

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