Thursday, July 16, 2009


This has been THE BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! I took a whole entourage of people down today...well, 3 people and we had a birthday party like none other! It was great. I turned 32 today and I am just thrilled. There is nothing like celebrating a birthday with friends, family, and the chemo nurses who are there helping me become a survivor.
David and 2 girlfriends (Kelly and Lynne) trekked down with me this morning. Lynne baked an awesome cake for us to eat and share with the Vandy folks, and picked up some Starbucks for us too. I NEVER drink coffee so after having 2 cups I was WIRED!!! As in, my nurse came in and said I had "wild eyes" (or something like that). However, when you add coffee to lots of steroids, that's what happens. So, during the chemo my friend Lynne whipped out the pedicure materials she brought and gave me and Kelly B an awesome pedicure. Then Kelly B returned the favor to her. I sat and watched because I'm so not good at those things. Then my friend Kate who was there for her treatment joined us and we talked with her for a while. Poor David just sat listend to boobie stories all day. He's such a trooper. Love him! And by the time all of the cake eating, pedicure-ing, chatting was done so was my chemo and it was time for us to pack up and go. Too bad as we were having a good time there just hanging out and having fun.
Here are some pics to document my day...enjoy! (And although you can't tell in the pics, my hair IS coming back. I'm full of peach fuzz.

Me and Kate

My Entourage

Me and my sweet hubby.

Lynne (also a breast cancer survivor), Kelly B, and me


Kate, me, and Lynne - saving the boobies one set at a time! HAHA

Us again being proud of our peach fuzzy heads!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! i'm gad you had a great day! you all look great and amaze me so much!

  2. Happy late birthday!!!!!! You're awesome :).