Monday, June 29, 2009


A while back, there was a discussion that I heard regarding whether prayer really is necessary...or if prayer really works. The person was trying to make the point that if God already has the courses of our lives mapped out and He is almighty and all-knowing, then why pray for the inevitable to change? For example, if God has already decided that the end of my life will be in 3 months, then how could a prayer from little ol' me change that? I'll admit that I don't know the perfect answer to that, but what I do know is that there is a perfect example in the Bible that I came across while I was in the hospital that has just really stuck with me. And it just confirms that prayer is NECESSARY and ESSENTIAL!!
I think it was the third day that I was in the hospital. I was not really in the mood for anymore TV and just feeling empty. This ALWAYS means for me that I need to fill my heart and mind with Jesus so I grabbed my Bible and just started reading in Isaiah (one of my favorite books). In there was a story that either I have truly never read before, or one that I had read but not really focused on until that day. It's the story of King Hezekiah. In chapter 38 it tells that Hezekiah became really really version says "deathly ill." Isaiah went to visit him and told him that the Lord wanted Hezekiah to get everything in order and take care of everything because he was going to die...that he would NOT recover from his illness. Immediately after hearing this, he PRAYED, and then he wept (that word to me just makes me think of someone crying to the point of not being able to capture a breath...I've totally been there). Guess what God did! He sent Isaiah back to him with this message: tell Hezekiah that I heard his prayer and saw his tears and I will add 15 more years to his life.
WOW WOW, and WOW!!! How awesome is that?!?!? This is yet another example showing how we, as God's children, can go to Him and lay it all out there and know that He is hearing every word we say and seeing every tear we shed. And that prayer DOES change things!

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