Friday, June 12, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Since my last post, lots has happened. I ended up calling my doc that Friday evening and was sent to the ER then. When I got to Vanderbilt, my temp was 100.8 and I was SICK SICK SICK! I ended up staying for 4 nights and 5 days for a white blood cell count of 1.7 and a neutrophil (ANC) count of 0. My fever continued until Sunday night and then broke...probably thanks to the heaps of IV antibiotics I received while there. I also was the lucky recipient of a head CT and spinal tap to rule out viral meningitis thanks to a severe headache and neck pain. In the end, there was never an explanation for the fever or decreased white count. All of my cultures came back completely normal so I'm a mystery. I joked with my resident that I could be the prime candidate for that TV show "Mystery Diagnosis."

I do feel like I have some reason though for why I was hospitalized. I think my body just needed the rest. I think God wanted me to really have some rest and knowing exactly how hard-headed I am and how much I like to go and do, I think that this was the best way to get my attention and help me realize that resting is essential even if I feel okay. I think I had run myself down so much without really realizing it that my counts bottomed out and I had no reserve.

One pretty amazing thing did happen while I was at Vandy though. On my third day, my friend Kelli sent me a message saying that she had just been in despair over my sitaution. She had gone to the Lord in prayer and was literally crying out to Him so hard that she couldn't even breathe well. She then told me that all of a sudden her tears stopped and she couldn't cry anymore. She said when that happened, she heard God's voice telling her "SHE IS HEALED." Ummm, can you say WOW?!? The next day my counts skyrocketed and my headaches all but stopped. And I don't think this is where the healing has stopped. No way... I truly believe that I am healed fully and completely and the rest of chemo and radiation are just steps in the process that I have to go through to learn, grow, and furthur this process that God has begun in me.

So, all in all. I am thankful for my hospital "vacation." It was hard to be away from my kidlets, but I came home feeling better. I was able to get my chemo yesterday and all went well with that. I did try to hit the grocery store this morning, but on my way, I had a severe headache so I turned around and came home. Now I am resting and feeling great. What can I say? Sometimes it takes a while to break old habits. I will learn though that Fridays (the day after chemo) are for resting no matter how good I think I feel.

Thank you all for your prayers and concerns over me the past week. I have been blessed with an amazing group of friends, prayer warriors, encouragers, and family.

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