Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Done with Combo 1...

So my last A/C treatment ROCKED!!! I honestly cannot believe that my 4 rounds of the mega-dose chemo are done, behind me, a thing of the past etc... THANK YOU LORD!!! My fourth and final dose last Thursday was really really good. After getting my labs drawn and seeing my oncologist, David and I ventured up to the new chemo infusion floor. BEAUTIFUL!!! Each room has glass doors, flat screen TV's, and windows with great views. While we were waiting to be called back though, I met another girl who is my age and is also battling breast cancer. What a blessing!!! Not that she has breast cancer too, but because we met and have so much in common. It's nice meeting a young girl who is at the same stage in her life as I am and has the same questions/concerns/fears/dreams etc... Through talking and exchanging an email since meeting, I found out that she and her husband moved here from CA a few years ago to start a family. Like us, they do not have any family who live in TN so they too are having their moms fly out and help them. I have not come right out and asked, but from what I gather, they do not have any children yet. Anyways, her plan is to have chemo, then surgery, and then radiation. I think her tumor was too close to the chest wall to have the surgery first. Anyways, I have a feeling that she and I will become good friends and I just ask anyone who reads this to please pray for her. She will be getting her last high-dose A/C next week so she is just one treatment behind me.
So, back to the story...after getting called back to my room and getting hooked up, a volunteer came by and asked if he could play his guitar and sing for me. Of course I said "absolutely." So he came right in and started with "Piano Man" by Billy Joel and followed with 3 others. He was really really good. What a joy! Then after he left I got all of my scrapbooking stuff out and proceeded to scrapbook and talk about reality TV shows with my nurse. It was an AWESOME day! I never thought I could enjoy chemo so much. I mean seriously, I sat back, kicked up my feet, and relaxed.
Since treatment, I have felt a little sick off and on, but NOTHING compared to my last treatment.
So, now on to combo 2 which will start next Thursday. It will be another combo of 2 chemos and will be given weekly for 12 weeks. Finish date for all chemo is August 6, which gives way to having a fun first birthday with Brody on August 18th and a fun 5 year anniversary on August 21...all without a chemo schedule getting in the way. There are so many great and fun things to look forward to!!!

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