Thursday, May 21, 2009

Change of Plans and Other Stuff

I just have some updates to share so here they are...

1. When I first started going to Vanderbilt for my chemo treatments, I was told of a trial that I could enroll in. Basically it's a new medicine that has been approved by the FDA for stage 4 breast cancer and has been shown to work really well. The trial that I am in is to see if it works just as well in earlier stage breast cancers at preventing them from recurring. There is already a drug that does this which is what I was going to take, but this trial one is being shown to work the same if not better. So, I decided to enroll in it and was randomized into the group that is getting the new drug. This is exciting!!! It's an oral chemo so I'll take it for a full year.

2. I started my other new IV chemo today and did AMAZING! No reactions which is a huge blessing as this drug (Taxol) can cause, and generally does cause, at least a rash or itching during infusion and at times, anaphylactic shock. For me though, I sailed right through it with no reaction at all. 1 down, 11 to go.

3. Now that I am getting this new trial drug, I will be done with all IV chemo on August 6th and will be able to get my mediport out after that! YAY!!! Originally I was going to have to leave it in until April of next year.

3. Since my last post on fear, I have felt the biggest burden lifted. Like, really gone. I am truly feeling that I am already healed and that the chemo and radiation to come are just "extras." This is a cool feeling. Thank you Jesus for healing!