Friday, April 24, 2009

Friends are Priceless

From January 19th until April 13th we were blessed to have either my mom or David's mom here helping out with the kids and the house while I have been in and out of surgeries and chemo treatments. What a blessing that was! So much so that I was super nervous as to how I would do once they had to return home and I had to step back into full-time mommy roll. No more laying down when I felt tired, no more relying on someone else to help entertain etc... Thankfully, I have had TONS of girlfriends already step up and offer/insist on taking the kidlets for a while so that I can rest. But even before the family left, my girlfriends kept us supplied with meals, kiddie help, phone calls, emails, prayers etc... It's just amazing to me that so many people have shown God's love to us while we are in the midst of this storm of life.

When I think about my blessings, I now think almost automatically about the friends and family that God has given us. There are just not enough words to thank my friends for their love and support, and I have even more trouble expressing to Jesus just how thankful I am. Thankfully though, He knows my heart and when I feel like I can't thank my friends enough, I pray that they too will know my heart is bursting at the seams with thankfulness.

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