Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bald is Awesome!

So at my last treatment 10 days ago, both my oncologist and my chemo nurse were SHOCKED that my hair had not begun falling out yet. I, on the other hand, was like "yeah, I have lots of hair so I'm not surprised." Then my doc went on to tell me to expect it to happen within 2 days. Then I was shocked. So 2 days came and went and nothing...well, a few strands here and there, but not a lot. Then on the third day, which happened to be EASTER SUNDAY, it happened. Not just a few strands, but a ton of hair. Like so much that I was frantically trying to figure out what I was going to do about fixing my hair for church. Then, I thought, "hey, it's Easter, a day of new life, new beginnings, etc... just shave it and be done with it." So, after some afternoon tears and grief, David shaved my head and I was okay. Like really okay with it. My main concern was of course how Chloe was going to react. At first, she was very adament that I not take off my hat or my wig. She was scared of mommy's new haircut. But since about 2 days after shaving it, here are some comments that I have gotten from her...

** I love your new haircut mama!
** Mama's hair like Daddy's hair
** Chloe want haircut too
** Chloe want hat like mama hat
** Ooooh mama, your haircut is cute
** Can I touch it?
** Mama, put your headband on (it's a cute little head wrap)
** Mama got new hair (when I put my wig on)

The excitement and pure heart with which she says these things just melts my heart and makes me smile. She and David have definitely been my biggest cheerleaders with this whole new hair situation. Now here are some advantages to not having hair...

** I won't have to worry about what the humidity will do to my hair this summer
** I can get out of bed, in the shower, dressed and ready to go in 15 minutes flat
** I no longer have "bad hair days," just no hair days (haha)
** I love the cool breeze on my head when I don't have my hat on
** I don't have to pay for haircuts for a VERY LONG TIME!
** No money spent on hair products for a while

The only disadvantage that I can see to having no hair is that I used to read my People magazine while I was blow-drying my hair in the mornings so I no longer get that 15 minute luxury. Oh well, no biggie.

And that's my wrap on hair. Just wanted to share my experiences.