Friday, March 27, 2009

My First Chemo

Just got home from my first chemo treatment and I have to say that it wasn't nearly as nerve-wrecking as I thought. I actually sat and read my book, chatted with David and the nurses, replied to emails etc... during the entire time. I am now just a little light-headed from the Cytoxan and my pee is already orange from the Adriamycin but other than that, I'm good. Oh and I am really really tired, but that's probably from getting up at 4:30 this morning so I believe I will go nap for a bit, but I have a short story from my day to share first.

I have now encountered the type of person that I don't want or need to be around. It happened during the heart scan. The lady that was doing my scan was really really awkward. She kept asking me questions about the cancer, my kids, who's supporting me, etc... but the way she asked them were just so depressing! She acted like I was dying right there on her table. Literally she had me so darned upset that I started to tear up and get emotional. However I pulled it all together (for her) and just told her matter of factly that I am going to be fine and I have no doubts about it. Then she couldn't just let it go. She went on to tell me that she guessed being positive was 1/2 the battle. Just imagine Eeyore talking and that's who she sounded like.

Anyways, I know that I had a lot of people interceeding with prayer for us today and I really felt them. I had overwhelming peace and comfort so thank you, thank you, thank you!


  1. It was good to get home and catch up on your blog today. We will talk to you soon!

  2. It was nice to catch up on your blog today. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. You are in our thoughts and prayers daily. We love you all.

  4. Ok, sorry for the second comment, but I'm so glad it let me post a comment. I've been trying to for several weeks and somehow just got it to comment! I've been reading about your blog ever since we came back from seminar. Just know that you are an amazing person that through your pain and struggle you've encouraged/challenged and helped me as well as others. I pray God continues to give you, David and the kids the strength you all need.

  5. I'm so glad it went well. I was praying for you all day on Friday! Don't let that Negative Nelly get you down. Can you imagine going through life like that? Maybe she doesn't know what we know. :-)

    I hope the weekend went well. Did you hear the news from church? Daniel Doss is leaving to plant a church near Chicago. I'll miss him, but God is calling him to go, and you can't argue with that!