Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just A Little Phrase...

This morning I had a huge realization over one statement that I made. After a really "blah" day yesterday, David asked me how I was doing this morning. Then immediately he quoted one of our favorite people (Dave Ramsey) by asking "better than you deserve?" I answered quite bitterly by saying "no, I deserve better." Almost immediately after I said it, God yelled quite loudly "No, you don't... but by my grace and mercy and because of my Son, you always get better than you really deserve."
Didn't take me long to realize after that that this life of mine, no matter what hardships I endure, is still better than I deserve. If everyone on this earth really got what we deserved, it would be eternity in hell thanks to our sinful natures. Thankfully though, by the blood of Jesus Christ, we don't have to take what we really deserve.
"OK Lord, I hear You loud and clear and from now on, I hope that I will stop and think twice about responding so bitterly."

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