Sunday, March 15, 2009

Being Thankful versus Giving Praise

So I was praying yesterday and this morning about this blog and was asking God to lay something on my heart to write about. Then this evening, I was reading an article in Guidepost magazine about the difference in being thankful and praising God. This jumped out at me due to the title of this blog and a statement that I made to God when I was first alerted that there was a problem with my health. I told God that very day that no matter what the outcome would be that I would praise Him for it. I can honestly say that I have tried my best to always thank God for the way He is working in my life even though it wasn't the way I would have preferred, but I can't say now that I have praised Him like I should but instead have thanked Him.
Here's the difference according to the article I read... being thankful is "us-centered" and praise is "God-centered." When things work out the way we want we are thankful. When we praise God, we become aware of God in our lives right now. Praise is the beginning of healing.

So, I think most of my "praise" has actually been thankfulness. I need to change my mindset and start living God-centered: start praising God for the way He has chosen to work in my life by using breast cancer. It may not always be easy or natural, but it wasn't easy for King David either when he was fearing for his life and dying, yet he still praised God in the midst of his storms. Praising God in the hard times is definitely an act of obedience but by doing this, great things will happen and He will restore you physcially and mentally.

Today, I choose to be obedient to God and praise Him for this cancer. He is using it to work wonders in my life and in other people's lives (hopefully). And while I may never understand why he chose cancer, that's okay because I know that Isaiah 55:8-9 says: My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts and my ways are far beyond anything you could ever imagine. For just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so my ways are higher than your ways and my thoughts are higher than your thoughts. And I praise the Lord for that!!!


  1. That is totally awesome. Thank you!! I will always remember that.

    Erin Blair sent me your blog link. I have been praying for your strength, comfort & for your heart to be so open & aware of how much GOd loves you with an immense lavish un-ending, immeasurable, intimate - love.

  2. thanks for this insight! you are such a wonderful example to me and so many others. keep your chin up! :)