Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Answer Is In...

Aaaah, God is amazing. The oncology nurse called me this morning telling me that the test actually did come back yesterday evening after they had closed for the day. is POSITIVE!!!! That is fantastic, make my day, awesome, amazing news!!! Based on what my oncologist told me last time, if this test was positive that would mean a 90% chance that this ol' cancer would NOT come back. I mean, literally, I am on top of the world thanking and praising my Jesus!!! He saw to it that the test did come back, but didn't stop there...he answered the prayer that it would be positive. Truly yesterday I didn't care what the result was, I just wanted it back. But man, this is great!!!
So I will go to Vanderbilt as planned today and will have labwork done and will have my long appointment with Dr. Mayer. We will go over all the medicines and plans etc... Oh my, how excited am I?!? SUPER EXCITED! Never in my life would I have ever thought that I would be excited to start chemotherapy, but to me this is the beginning of the end to cancer.

Thank you Lord Jesus for once again going above and beyond my expectations and answering my prayers to the fullest. I am really thankful that I was made to wait as I learned more about trusting you and your timing...and how your timing does not need my calendar. I was able to enjoy my family time last night and went to bed feeling peace. I couldn't believe it when Samantha called this morning even though I was going to be coming this afternoon anyways. Thank you for allowing that to happen so I didn't wait around all day wondering what was going to happen. Again, that just exceeded anything that I ever expected. I don't know why it surprised me as You are who You say You are and I know that You can do anything but it sure was a nice surprise. Thank you!