Monday, February 9, 2009

Thank You Sweet Angels...

Although I just posted below, I felt it necessary to write a seperate entry to just thank everyone for their love and support. The cards have blessed my days more than you could ever know. The phone calls and emails have just poured in and beleive me when I say that I have read most of them often and have saved them all. The meals that have been prepared for us have been such a blessing and huge help to our family as that allows us just one less thing to worry about. And the hugs and words of encouragement in person have been such a reflection of God's love.

I could not have asked God for more sweet sweet angels to have been placed in my life than you all. I love you and appreciate each of you even if I don't see you to tell you.

To my church family back in NC, please please please know that your cards have just been the biggest blessing to me. Each one has spoken different truths to me about Jesus which is exactly what I need when the devil tries to put his lies into my life. I receive the cards usually around dinner time which is when it gets dark which in turn is when everything starts to seem a little less positive. Your cards and words lift me up out of that pit though. Thank you from the most inner and sincere part of my being. I love you all!

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