Saturday, February 21, 2009

Refreshment for the Soul

Last week, David and I attended the annual Chick-fil-A seminar for 5 days. Every year it's in a different location and this year happened to be Long Beach, California. This year's guest speakers were Rick Warren (Purpose Driven Life), Dave Ramsey (getting out of debt/money makeover guru), and 2 college football coaches who display Christian values and leadership skills greatly. Oh, and how could I forget Jim of the bestseller "Good to Great." And, the music was by Nicole C Mullins and THAT was phenomenal.
Now, on to why I was aboslutely grateful for this time away even more so this year than in the past. On the first day of meetings, Jim Collins spoke and towards the end of his talk, he mentioned that his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer 4 years ago. He said that immediately he went into the "what mode"...what do I do, what will we do for her, what are the statistics, and what all knowledge can I gain from this. He said that he loves research so he immediately went to the internet to get every piece of info that he could. (By the way, this is me!!! Totally me...) Anyways, in the meantime, his wife was watching him in this mode and when he finally asked her what he could do for her, she replied that he should stop asking "what" and instead ask "who." (WOW!!! God got my attention there!) Then, he went on to say that she had gotten 2 opinions from 2 different surgeons. They were totally different treatment plans but she decided to go with the second opinion. (UMMM, Hi Father God, I totally know that you are speaking to me now - thank you!!!) Jim continued on to say that she had had a double mastectomy and was doing phenomenal now. He didn't go into anymore detail, but that was enough for me. The Lord chose this seminar that was mostly aimed towards my husband and other CFA owners to speak loud and clear to me. The message that I got was A) one of even more hope than before, and B) no more what's, only who's...and my Who is my Father God.
Also during the week, I was priveleged to get to know our business consultant's wife on a deeper level. She and I had several opportunities to chat and talk about things in our lives that have shaped us into who we are today. She is definitly a woman of God and someone that provided so much encouragement to me by her story and her encouraging words. Also through her, I was priveleged to meet another consultant's wife who is currently battling stomach cancer. Through talking to her I received so much hope from her story. She was given 1 year to live and was told that her type of cancer was aggressive. Here she is, 3 years later and still traveling with her husband and taking care of her family. She encouraged me not to let those terms "aggressive," and "prognosis" mean everything to me because God is the only one holding the timeclock and only He knows how much longer any of us have. She told me that she has set goals and just lives to meet those (which is something my mom told me that she does too). Right after talking to her, we go back into the meeting and what was the scripture that was read...??? In Proverbs (can't remember the exact verse) - Without a vision, you will surely perish. Could that be God encouraging me to continue on with my life and plans while letting Him lead the way? So, I have set some short and long term goals now and plan on seeing them through.
Anyways, we arrived back home on Thursday evening and boy was it nice to be back in the south!!! I came home with a new sense of peace, hope, and encouragement. My soul is refreshed and ready to face a new week. It's amazing what a little time away from it all will do for you.

On another note, I am aware that several people read this blog and would just like to ask if you all would please pray me through the surgery on Monday morning. I'm mostly just nervous about what they are going to find when they test my lymph nodes. Please pray and ask Jesus, the Great Physician, to clear those lymph nodes out so that when they go in, they will be clean and not affected by the cancer. I know that several of my reports have indicated that it is probably already in them, but I also know that Jesus has ultimate say in what the final report says. Also, I was made aware this past week that a new friend (that I have not met, but already feel she's a friend) has been told that her mother-in-law may be facing breast cancer also. She found a mass in her left breast and was to meet with the surgeon last Thursday. I'm not sure what they found out, but I just ask that you would pray for this sweet lady and her family as well.

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  1. Praying lots and please let me know if I can help with kids! Love you gal! So thrilled you had a great trip! Praying to the Who!