Monday, February 9, 2009


Today I had my second opinion with a surgeon in Nashville. It was with a lady who I am almost positive has been through breast cancer herself, or has taken all precautions against it as she shared with us that she has the breast cancer gene. Anyways, she does most of her surgeries on breast cancer patients to I felt really good going in there.
Anyways, I did gain more information today than I ever knew possible about my type of cancer. It is early stage, although very agressive. Actually, the final staging isn't back yet as we still have to test lymph nodes to get the final word on that. That surgery will be in a few weeks and also at that time a mastectomy will be done. I have decided that this is the best course of action for me as I will not have enough breast tissue left on the affected breast to be able to even have radiation done. If I am unable to do radiation, then my chances of recurrence are 25-50%. She didn't think a radiation oncologist would even consider doing radiation as the mass they took out was so large and the areas of invasion were many. The only way to be confident that this type of cancer is gone without radiation is to have a mastectomy. So, no brainer. Do what I have to do to get rid of the disease. She also did mention that if any lymph nodes come back positive then chemo is a must-have, but that she suspected that it would be needed anyways due to my age, the aggressiveness of the cancer, etc...
I LOVED LOVED LOVED this doctor.
A. it's a female so she "gets it"
B. she spent over an hour with David and me talking in detail about options, pathology reports, etc...
C. she is a specialist in breast cancer surgeries
D. she asked me if I had any questions for her and when I whipped out my list she said that she was glad that I had come prepared with my questions
E. she made me feel like I was her one and only patient and that there was definitly hope for me

So, I will have a PET scan on Thursday to just check my whole body and be sure that there is no other cancer anywhere and then David and I leave for a week to go to Long Beach, CA. YAY!!! (thank you Jesus for some time away from all of this) The surgery will be the following week sometime. It's generally just a one night stay and I will come home with a drain or 2 for a week or more. After all reports are back from the lymph node testing etc... I will meet with the medical oncologist to discuss chemotherapy treatments. Lord willing I will meet with him and he will say that I don't need any at all, but I am prepared to take them if I need them. After that, maybe within a 6 month time frame I will be able to write in my journal that I am cancer free. I just know that God is going to heal me. I have begged and begged to just touch the hem of his garment and be healed like the woman in the Bible was. I feel like everytime I seek him through prayer, scripture, or worship that I am not just touching that hem, but grabbing it and not letting go.

I have hope. I have faith. And there is a lot to be said for those things.
Zaphaniah 3:17 - Your God is present among you; He is mighty to save. Happy to have you back, He will calm you with His love and delight you with His songs.

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  1. ...............speechless. I am here for you! I can do meals, take care of the kids, WHATEVER you need. A coffee date? You tell me! I am so proud of you! Peter, keep your eye on Jesus or the storm will lie!!!!!!!