Monday, February 23, 2009

Everything went well!

This is David with an update. Kelly did great this morning during surgery!! The surgery took a little more than 2 hours and the surgeon told me that everything went exactly to plan. I got to see her about an hour after, once a room was available. The surgeon was confident that she removed all of the cancer from the breast and lymph nodes. Unfortunatly, a couple of the lymph nodes did test positive for cancer. She explained that although her Pet Scan tested negative for any cancer spread in the body, it is impossible to detect microscopic cells that may have spread. Chemotherapy will be nessesarty to kill any rouge cancer cells, if any. This is an aggresive approach in attempt to prevent relapse in the future.
At first Kelly was very confused as to how the lymph nodes could be affected because she had such very strong faith and belief that they would test negative. However, she knows that she can only see a small piece of the puzzle but God already has the puzzle put together. She is not questioning why but continuing to pray and believe that God is going to heal her.